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Riley Name Meaning and History

What Does Riley Mean and History? A transferred use of the English surname, from the Old English ryge, meaning "rye" and "clearing" or "meadow". Alternatively, from the Irish surname Reilly or O'Reilly.


Pronounced: RYE lee

Origin of Riley Name

English, Irish

Gender of Riley


Analysis of Riley

Users of this name Hardworking , Stubborn , Rich and Humble , High ability of Persuasion , Protective

Riley Statistics

  • Color of Riley name: Blue
  • Number of letters of Riley: 5

Letter Analysis:

Specific analysis for each letter;

R : Dreamer
I : Zany
L : Healthy
E : Logical
Y : Powerful

What is the Numerology of Riley?

Riley name meaning Riley name analysis


Numerology offers an insight into the personality by assigning numeric values to the letters contained in names.

R : 18
I : 9
L : 12
E : 5
Y : 25

Total = 69

Popularity of Riley Name

UK, USA, Canada, Australia.

Riley dropped 17 places in 2013 from 2012 in BabyCentre’s names, showing a decline in popularity.

Characteristics of Riley

Riley Numerology Analysis;Curious , Discreet , Prescient , Strong , Fearless


Acrostic Poem About Riley

R is for Rose, more beautiful as you unfold.
I is for Inspirational, your affect on others.
L is for Laughter, nothing is as infectious as yours,
E is for Energy, you’re passionate and alive,
Y is for Yes, for you my heart is yours.

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Is there Riley name in the Bible/Torah/Quran?

Riley name hasn’t been found in the Bible/Torah/Quran

Spelling Alphabet

A spelling alphabet, voice procedure alphabet telephone alphabet etc.

NATO U.S. States Countries
Rhode Island


Famous People and fact Named Riley

Riley was a British motorcar and bicycle manufacturer from 1890. Today, the Riley trademark is owned by BMW.

Is Riley name fit for baby name ?

Our research results for the name of Riley (Riley name meaning, Origin of Riley, Pronounced etc. ) is fit name.You can give to your baby with complacency.

Similar names and nicknames for Riley

Lee ,Rafe ,Ralph ,Raul ,Reuben ,Richie ,Rile ,Rilee ,Rileigh ,Ryan ,Rye ,Rylee ,Ryleigh