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MARTHA Name Meaning

What Does MARTHA Mean and History? From Aramaic מרתא (marta’) meaning “lady, mistress”. In the New Testament this is the name of the sister of Lazarus and Mary of Bethany. It was not used in England until after the Protestant Reformation. A notable bearer was Martha Washington (1731-1802), the wife of the first American president George Washington.

Origin of MARTHA Name

English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Greek, Biblical, Old Church Slavic, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek

Gender of MARTHA


MARTHA Name Analysis

Analysis of MARTHA Name Rich and Humble , Practical , Loyal , Loves to Read and Research , Capable

MARTHA Name Statistics

Pronounced : MAHR-thə (English)
Color of MARTHA name: Pink
Number of letters of MARTHA: 6
Other script : Μαρθα (Greek), Марѳа (Church Slavic)
Variants : Marta (Swedish), Marta, Marte (Norwegian)

Letter Analysis:

M : Energetic
A : Bright
R : Emotional
T : Innovative
H : Stubborn
A : Bright

What is the Numerology of MARTHA ?

 MARTHA name analysis

M : 13
A : 1
R : 18
T : 20
H : 8
A : 1

Total = 61

Characteristics of MARTHA

MARTHA Numerology Analysis; Elegant , Emotional , Patriotic , Trade are prone , Rich and Humble

Acrostic Poem About MARTHA

Mesmerizing, you are captivating
Arresting, capturing the attention of all
Ravishing, an entrancing beauty
Thoughtful, considerate towards all
Heady, intoxicating company
Alluring, so attractive

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Spelling MARTHA

NATO Countries

Is there MARTHA name in the Bible/Torah/Quran?

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Famous People Named MARTHA

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Is MARTHA name fit for baby name ?

You can give to your baby with complacency.

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